• 3D Designer for the MayTec Pipe&Joint System
    • online CAD software which requires no software installation on your local computer
    • most simple and intuitive generation of your 3D designs based on the MayTec Pipe&Joint System
    • automatic selection and positioning of the necessary joints
    • automatic parts list generator
    • automatic documentation as PDF
    • exportable in different CAD formats

    !!! MayTube start here !!!


    MayTube is ready for use, but not yet complete.
    Currently several products and software features are still missing.
    In Order to support our customers with the design work of the Pipe&Joint System, we decided to launch the software even though beeing incomplete.
    We are working intensively on the further development of this software.


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  • Material-Cart


    Divider wall

  • Rack


  • High-table


  • Production-line


  • Anti spit wall for desk