The Clean-Room System

  • Clean-room rechnology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Food industry
  • Optical industry
  • Pharmaceutical technology

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MayTec enlarges its range with new components to enhance the use of the Profile System in application areas where high sterility standards apply.
Covering fields in electrical engineering, optical industry along with food industry and medical technology applications, the profiles can now be utilized on a large scale.
Basing on the MayTec Standard System, the MayTec Connection System enables a simple and quick assembly and guarantees highest stability.

Connection possibilities for 0-slot profiles


  • Connection
    with standard connectors


  • PG30

    Single parts
    Connector, Standard 1.21.3F1 (V)
    Connector, Standard 90° 1.21.3F2 (V)


    Single parts
    Connector, Standard 1.21.4F1 (V)
    Connector, Standard 90° 1.21.4F2 (V)

  • Mounting variation
    for profiles with 1 connector


  • Mounting variation
    for profiles with 1 or more connectors,
    if the profile cannot be rotated

    for high flexure load

  • Comments:
    Position of assembly: profiles flush on the top

  • Assembly:
    1. insert connector
    2. push profile to the bottom

  • Connection
    with screw-type connector


  • PG30

    Single parts
    Screw-type connector 1.21.30S1M8/7 (V)
    T-Nut for subsequent insertion, with spring F 1.32.4FM8 (V)


    Single parts
    Screw-type connector 1.21.40S1M8/11 (V)
    T-Nut for subsequent insertion, with spring E 1.32.4EM8 (V)

  • Connection
    with DIN-Screw


  • Single parts

    Threaded insert M14/M8 - 1.35.1140815
    Cap head screw DIN 6912, M8×20 - 0.63.D06912.08020
    Washer, DIN 433 - 8.4 - 0.62.D00433.08,4
    Cover plug d15 - 1.42.6114.x

  • Connection of
    profiles 40, round


Here are some examples of our applications: