Das ideale Profilsystem

MayTec offers a comprehensive, coordinated profile system.
All profiles can be connected to each other in any conceivable position.

  • Machine basic frames
  • Machine panels
  • Machine protection
  • System workstations
  • Assembly and inspection stations
  • Transport and side car


  • Partition and protective walls
  • Protection and work cabins
  • Special shelves
  • Operating equipment
  • Exhibit Systems
  • Exhibition stands


The performance

The entire MayTec range of services is as versatile as the MayTec profile system. You can choose:

  • Delivery of the basic elements ex works
  • Delivery of the cut and machined profiles and additional elements
    according to the parts list for self-assembly
  • Delivery of pre-assembled modules
  • Delivery of fully assembled systems
  • Assembly in your home

The Handling

The MayTec profile system is particularly easy to work with, quick to assemble, flexible and modular.
In addition, it is very easy to retrofit or convert and can be reused at any time.
A knowledgeable team supports you with the introduction of the MayTec system and with the solution of your individual task.
The design is based on the required dimensions, resilience and stability.