• MayCAD

    • most simple and intuitive generation of your 3D designs based on the MayTec Profile System
    • automatic selection and positioning of the necessary connectors
    • parts list generator
    • continuos and always visible calculation
    • generation of 2D and 3D drawings
    • explosion view with numberd single parts
    • usage of standard assemblies
    • export of your assembly as 3D STEP file for transfere to your own CAD software
    • direct exchange of drawings, parts lists and calculations with each MayTec distributor
    • no license necessary


    download our free software here:


    DOWNLOAD MayCAD (64bit) (update July 2021)

    Please have understanding that we can give no guarantee for correctness and completeness.
    is in constant development.

    System requirements:

    - Microsoft Windows
    - Video cards (integrated graphics) that provide OpenGL older than 3.2

    If you have Problems with the above main Version, please try to update your Video card driver.

    If you have problems running the above main version, please contact us per Mail or Phone.



Help videos

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For assistance and online training please feel free to contact us:

Email: cad@maytec.de

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