• MayTec

    Aluminium Systemtechnik GmbH
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Problem solutions with innovative profile

  • The ideal profile system

    MayTec offers a comprehensive, harmonised profile system. All profiles can be combined in any way imaginable.
    The accessories provide functional and aesthetic solutions for a wide range of applications.



  • Service

    The Maytec service is as versatile as the MayTec profile system.
    You may choose:

    • delivery of standard elements ex factory
    • delivery of profiles and accessories cut to size according to parts list for customer`s assembly
    • delivery of pre-fitted modular
    • delivery of completely assembled units
    • assembly at your premises
  • Implementation

    The MayTec profile system is easy to process and quick to assemble. It`s flexible and modular construction means it can be easily modified and is reusable at any time.

    An experienced team will support you in implementing the MayTec system, tailored to your individual applications, taking into consideration your required dimensions, loading capacity and stability.

  • Applications

    • machine bases
    • machine enclosures
    • machine guarding
    • work stations



    • assembly and inspection stations
    • transfer and supply trolleys
    • partitions and protective walls
    • protective and work cabins

    • special shelves
    • plant equipment
    • display systems
    • exhibition cabinets and stands